Plug-in Requirements

The Columbus Enquirer is presented on the Web using the DjVu image format. As a result, users are required to install the DjVu browser plug-in on their computers to use the site. The plug-in is free, and versions are available for most browsers and operating systems.

Windows users: Manual install (all browsers)

Mac users: Plug-ins for Mac OS X and Mac OS X - Intel

Linux or UNIX: Download DjVu Libre

If you are having problems accessing DjVu files for newspaper images, you can visit the GALILEO DjVu Help Page for troubleshooting advice.

Note: The djvu plug-in may require users to restart their browser to complete the installation process. Also, the djvu search highlighting may not work with Internet Explorer 8. Users might consider another web browser to utilize this feature.

DjVu Tool Bar

The DjVu tool bar appears above each newspaper page image. The tool bar provides zooming and printing, among other features.


To print a newspaper page, click the printer icon on the DjVu tool bar (not your browser's printing icon).

  • To print a particular section of a newspaper page:
  • 1) Zoom in on the page to the size you want
  • 2) Right-click the page image
  • 3) Choose Selection > Select Region on the right-click menu
  • 4) Highlight the section you want to print
  • 5) Click the print icon in the window just above the newspaper (in the DjVu plug-in toolbar, not the print option on the internet browser)
  • 6) In the Print pop-up window, there is a "Print Range" section where you will need to click "Selection" (instead of "All" pages)
  • 7) In the Page Scaling dropdown box on the Print window, choose "Current Zoom"
  • 8) Click OK in the Print pop-up window
  • Citing Sources

    Please use the following form for citation:

    [article title], Columbus Enquirer,  [issue date], p.[page number]. Presented online by the Digital Library of Georgia.

    Search Tips

    • All (default): All search terms occur in each page.
    • Any (check box): Any or all of the search terms occur in each page.
    • Without the words: Finds results that exclude the specified words.
    • Proximity: Search terms occur within the specified number of words of each other.
    • Truncation: Broaden your search by using an asterisk (*) or question mark (?): e.g. diplom* will find diploma, diplomatic; wom?n will find woman and women.
    • Exact phrase: Double-quotes ("") should be used to specify an exact search: e.g. "opera house."

    Contact Us

    Contact the DLG via the GALILEO "Contact Us" form.